Best Rock Band 3 setup. I'm interested in playing Rock Band 3...I don't own any of the previous games or peripherals.  But when looking online, it seems there are WAAAAAY too many options with bundles etc.   I thought I'd ask here and see if I could get any direction on the best setup to play rock band 3 with.  I also wondered, once I get the instruments....will they work with the earlier Rock Band games and the Beatles Rock Band game?


THanks for your help!


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All instruments work with the previous Rock Bands except for anything Pro ie guitar keyboard drums

Yes the current market instruments will work with previous Rock Band titles. And as for a set up, it depends on what you want to play? Guitar, Drums, Sing, Keyboard....or all, I usually only play Guitar, and sometimes when I have enough booze in me I will sing...

i had the whole shabang but my drums broke so now i just  play bass and guitar.