Best random dragon event?

So i'm level 5 heading out of Whiterun and heading west to do a side quest with bandits.  

I'm heading toward the the Western Watchtower and i feel this rumbling and  as I turn around to see what it was, I'm covered in flame.  I'm like OH-$#$# and run behind a big rock to get my spell ready.  Of course the dragon flies off a little east and attacks the Pelogia Farm and Whiterun Stables!  I see a NPC running away form the farm covered in flames.  I was laughing so hard.   The dragon then flys over Whiterun and lets off some fire at some houses and then comes flying back to the stables.   It lights the stables up and flys off a little to the south heading back to the farm.  I'm of course trying to chase it down and shoot it with a bow and slowly taking off some of it's HP.  

Next thing i see, the stable owner and the big black horse that was there chase after the dragon and starts attacking it.  While the dragon is busy, i take it down with some more arrows.  The horse survives but the stable owner is dead on the ground.  

The guy was carrying 9 gold and a Key to whiterun stables.  (going to go check whats in there now)

But man that was just awesome.  If I ever imagined how a dragon would act, that was it.  Just random violence of burning everything it can get in it's reach.

Nice job Devs.   

I'm sure later this will all be old hat, but when it's your first time seeing this, your jaw drops.


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During my entrance tour of the college of winterhold a dragon decided to attack so my tour guid stopped mid sentance screaming about a dragon and throwing fireballs.  Easiest dragon kill so far.  I actually thought this was a scripted event at first but when my tour guide just went back to the barracks i realized she was broken, and i had to finish the tour by myself.