Best quest to end game? *spoilers

Okay so Im at the point in the game where you can either Spoiler:give Mr. House the platinum chip, get the Prudential Suit in his casino (end game) or Spoiler:go with the NCR, kill Mr. House and get XP & NCR fame (end game)

-Here is the deal, through the whole game I have been on the NCR's side, so the second options seems best, but I wouldnt benefit from it as I would in option one.



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The suit is just another safehouse.

Although you can send all the followers there so you can pick and chose which one you want or need.

But it takes too many loading screens to get into and out of for my taste.

Personally Novac is the only safe house I use.

Im sorry Suddenly Ham, but I have no idea what you are talking about, nor do I think you are replying to what I had stated above, in any way. Are you messing with me? lol.

The presidential suite is just another safe house.

With the added bonus that you can send your followers there so that you can pick and chose which ones you want to use.

If you think that is good then go ahead and side with Mr. House.

Also it really does not matter as end game there is no continuation anyways.

Completing the first House quest will not lock you into siding with him.  You can get the suite and still choose to follow any of the four paths to completion (House, Yes Man, NCR, Caesar's Legion).

Make a save before you decide so you can reload later on because achievements are tied into siding with Mr House and NCR