Best non dlc stuff?

Sorry if this has been answered but I just recently got into skyrim while it was on sale and have already beaten the game. However I do not know the best non dlc related gear weapon, and armor wise. All the guides I have seen only show the dlc stuff ( which it's still kinda overpriced considering how old the game is).

Does anyone have a list of maybe the top 10 for weapons melee / archery, and armor light / heavy? Would greatly appreciate it.


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[quote user="Dont Be A Derp"] Does anyone have a list of maybe the top 10 for weapons melee / archery, and armor light / heavy? Would greatly appreciate it.[/quote]

Daedric gear is pretty hard to beat stat wise but its often quite heavy. I like using my Daedric mace though Ebony gear and weapons is ok too though and is often easier to find then Daedric gear. As far as light armour goes I like using glass armour and enchanting it how I want.

The best light armor as far as starting stats is dragonscale. but anything can be smithed to get to the armor cap if you have the perks and alchemy skill. It can be enchanted with a light armor buff. Until I got a Nordic bow which is a bit lighter than elven but has a higher base, I used glass. Ebony has the highest base but is a heavier bow. Dragonbone arrows are one point higher than ebony but you need dawnguard.

Speaking for many of us who are still around over 2 years after release I have to say you don't beat the game. This is not a game to be beaten, it is a game to be explored and reveled in. Skyrim should be finessed. On the other hand, my son't oldest friend is all about rampaging so I guess I see the fun in that. At Christmas I walked him through getting to Karstaag in Solstheim. He died the first try. It was funny because he was so sure nothing could beat him.

Seconded, I have defeated Alduin, evil Miraak, the megalomaniac who was Serana's father, yet I always find something to do in Skyrim or Solsteim.

Karstaag will make you humble, not to mention the Ebony Warrior.

By beat im sure you all realized I meant the main quest line lol, what about archery gear? I love sneak sniping people but my best bow only has 23 damage atm which I picked up during a small mini quest. Coming up on the nightingale bow I think in the thief guild quest line if thats any good.

You haven't said what level you are at but 23 is pretty pathetic. What kind of bow is it? Assuming you have no alchemy skills but have put perks into smithing to whichever kind of bow you have then go to Autumnwatch tower. Kill the dragon because it won't leave you alone otherwise. Look in the other tower, not the one the dragon is on, and you will find a smithing potion. It's a good one and will re spawn. Take it and improve your bow.  What level is your archery at? I always found some buffs to be good until my archery was pretty high. If you are not at 50, go make friends with Faendal so you can train to level 50 for free. Go find Angie and read her book and train with her.

Unlike magic, your damage with a weapon goes up as you level that skill so 23 is not impressive but neither will the Nightingale Bow if you haven't leveled Archery and put some perks into it. Without knowing what your overall level and archery level is though none of us who do archery can really say what you need.

I wanted to be more specific so I checked some of my old saves. I had a high elf at level 22 with her archery at 41 and  2 of 5 perks. With no buffs on gear she had an enchanted  superior elven bow that did  30 damage and an unimproved dwarven bow that did 23. With a major archery circlet  for 25'% and home made gloves with another 18% buff the dwarven bow went to  33 and the enchanted bow was at 44.  

I looked at my Imperial who finished Alduin at level 47 and her bow was only 70 without buffs but she had some impressive  (if exploited) buffs. Did you do Alduin with a 23 damage bow?

My archery is currently at 46, was I think 39 or so when I defeated alduin with an imperial bow that was doing 20 damage at the time.

May I ask what difficulty you were at without taking anything away from your accomplishment? If you want to get serious with the bow and sneak at a high difficulty you need to level your smithing and get your archery up with all 5 perks plus at least eagle eye. Also get sneak up high enough to get the triple bonus on a sneak attack. I also really like the perk in archery that lets me move at normal rate with my bow drawn. It's particularly useful against Falmer to be ready to shoot instantly. I don't ordinarily like to move with my weapon drawn or magic cocked.

Tbh I didn't know you could change difficulty, and i do have the triple damage sneak perk and the slow time 25%+aim perk.

Keep at it. Not knocking down any other ideas but, take your Archery to the top, save the 100 you don't need it but, it is kind of fun when you up your difficulty a notch or two. I don't use the final perk but I do have Archery at 285. That means I've Legendaried it twice and am back to 85 again. I love the bow, and it's stealthy attitude. Plus it's fun to see the arrow sticking out of an eyeball from unbelievable long distances. lol! JMHO!

LadyB! Your a Ranger! I'm proud of you.

If and when you get the chance, You could try a Daedric (Legendary) with fire enchantment. Use anything really but Dragon Arrows are the best. Save up all your dragon bones and drop Wood Axes near every chopping block.

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