BEST game EVER made - but some questions...........

I've got to say that after I played the original RDR I moved on to other games because I had sooo many to play...BUT I recently bought Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. OMG I forgot just how awesome this game is!! I'm playing through both undead and RDR's just so detailed and huge! How on earth Bioshock, GTAIV and the Orange box beats this in the charts/reviews I will never know......and I've played every game going..........

One question - the MP in undead is the same as RDR. Can people who have either game play together online?

PS School Bully is awesome too...and made by Rockstar games...


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The only multiplayer with Zombies is just zombie waves. Still fun though.

"One question - the MP in undead is the same as RDR. Can people who have either game play together online?"

Yes they can, the MP is the same.  I played solely off of my Undead disk (since it had everything) until I just plain wore it out!  Now I play MP off the RDR disk (no difference in your save file or anything else other than accessing game modes only available via DLC.

it's the most beautiful landscaped game ever made so far, but it's not the best game... it's rank is #11 on Xbox Live

What do you think is the best game in this genre?

I think it's the best game ever. And it will always be my favorite game ever. I got this game in July 2010 and I am still playing it today. The game won GOTY for a reason. :D

Im playing through it again also. I finished the story a year ago but only got 77% complete. Im trying for at least 90% this time. I must agree, it is the best game ever made. The landscape, the towns, the characters, the story. Nothing beats it at all. IMO its not even close.

Yep, I think it has the complete package. One of the best single-player campaigns ever, an awesome single player DLC (Undead Nightmare), the most varied multiplayer (provided you buy the DLC), great co-op missions and stunning free roam. I never get bored of this game. Plus, the achievements are really great to go after. Just the right balance of skill and luck required.

it is amazing but not the best, nothing will ever beat GTA and the orange box...

I played GTA and the Orange Box. Altho I loved both I think RDR blows them away. Like the other poster said its got everything. Beautiful landscapes, characters,story, everything. I loved just sitting back riding my horse to go play some poker. I played thru this twice. I loved every second of it. I know we will never get to see another RDR like game ever again. If so we are looking at around 2014 b4 we do.