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So in the previous Magic game, Duels of the Planeswalkers 1, most people seem to agree that the best decks were:

1v1: Vampire deck

multiplayer: Elspeth's White deck (sorry I forget the name)


Is it too early to figure out what is best so far for Magic 2012? I have NO idea for multiplayer but for 1v1 I suspect it's either:

a) Ancient Depths UG deck (mana ramp leading to 10-12 cost annihaltors, etc )


b) Wielding Steel (white equipment deck)

what do you guys think?


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lol nowadays its all about the zombies and knights in ranked games, i dont see ANYTHING else XD

I like the dragon deck

I like apex predators a lot in DBH, but in 1v1 i'd say wielding steel or vampires is probably the best. Haven't used chandra's deck much though

LOVING this game. Got me addicted to magic again (haven't played in about 12 years)

My decks I constantly use are:

Unquenchable Fire

Apex Predators

Ancient Depths

The most common deck i have seen online is the illsuion one. Especially in two headed Giant. teams both use that deck. IDK if its the best, but it sure is the "Ryu and Ken" of Magic.

I played all the way through the single player campaign, and had a little success at the beginning in 1v1 using the Wielding Steel deck, but now that I'm sub-3000 rank, it seems like everyone smashes it with Vampires/UG Ramp/Chandra's Burn..  So those are the top 3 IMO.

i've been using the weilding steel deck, i feel that once you get the strategy of it you can do good, the problem is as the default a l ot of people expect it and can counter it

The vampire deck is so bad.  It does have good matchups though, would be really nice if people would stop using the same two decks so I can stop using burn or vamps.

Hi guy's, being a while since I visited the forums.

Overall I'm impresed but it's far too early for me to voice opinion on which deck will see the best results on average.

The chance to customise the start deck will add wonders to perfecting its ability to deal with other decks.

The better deck will become apparant once we all have spent a week or two playing the skilled opponents.

At present I too see many a novice player, with poor play skill and badly built deck.

Then again this set of decks has even had me cursing at my poor plays!  :-)

I feel overall the decks are better tailored to skilled play this time around, allowing for the better players to distinguish themselves from the previous "meta" deck players of the old magic title. Time will tell.

Chandra's Burn deck is really good.  I've been playing it a little and it seems really good.   I think the U/G Ramp deck is mediocre at best.  It just happens to be popular because strategies that involve cheating big fatties into play are always fun and popular (Ie Zombify).  I haven't played Mono White yet so I don't know how it is against the field but I will say that it rolls over to vampires.  My current record against Mono white is 20-1  and against U/G is 20-6.   Vampires is weak against Jace and Chandra but it crushes Ramp and Mono W without a problem.   I had gotten to 8th with it,  But after about 100 games I need to switch, So I'll probably be dropping pretty soon.

I rate the three best decks as UG Ramp, Chandra's Burn and Gideon's WW deck (I don't know the names sorry). Every deck seems to have their weaknesses but those three have better than 50% match-ups against their 9 other counterparts for sure. Chandra is amazing vs Gideon, Sorin and other small creature strategies. If there's a control deck it would be Chandra... and not Jace like some ppl think. Problem is a lot of ppl play it wrong in 1v1 matches. Ditch the Lava Axes and play to not lose. That's how I've made it to 6th place on the 1v1 leaderboards.

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