Best deck to defeat Jace?

So this guy has been working me. I almost had him once or twice using the ancient depths deck. Anyone have any tips against him?


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When I failed v Koth using the green deck about 3 times in a row when I started, I switched to the white deck, and beat near every1 on the first try, possibly a combination of the white deck being a real good all rounder, and unlocking cards for it as I went.

Just an idea.

But Jace is pretty tough I have a feeling he was one of the ones who I did not get on the 1st go.

IMO VERY humble opinion, Ancient Depths is simply too slow for Jace.

To back this up, when I have played 2 headed giant with the AI - I have picked Jace to partner me due to his quick defences to allow me to pull my pants up with the Ancient Depths deck (which cna take a while)

Yeah, Ancient Depths does seem a bit slow. By the time I have my lands and such ready to go, he already has me where he wants me.

I used the white deck for a while too. Perhaps I will give that another go.


To go a little deeper:

In my efforts to learn the game and become more effective at dealing with different opponents I tried to look at what it was that Jace was doing to defeat me so quickly. From my limited experience I gathered that he was using flying creatures, the unblockable creature (forget the card name), and illusions, which would negate any bonuses to my spells that I used to destroy them (as in the card from AD that added Saporlings when killing off creatures). So I thought, I need a deck that can deal with flying, be able to destroy his unblockable guy, and not rely heavily on spells or such that get bonuses for destroying his illusions. Now I don't know the decks well enough yet to say what ones would fill any or all of these criteria, but I am wondering if I am thinking along the right lines to get to a better place in planning my strategies. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks again.

Try Koth's deck.

Look for point where he struggles with mana and use your damage spells to get rid of the creatures that give you trouble.

I used Gideon's deck and did well with it.

Unquenchable Fire let me take out jace in 2 minutes, with all the direct damage dealt to player cards in the deck. I beat the next 2 after him using Unquenchable fire as well. Works quite well (especially since jace plays the +1/+1 for every illusion on the field, and there are plenty of spells to counter his creatures with.

Ancient Depths works just fine against Jace, provided that your deck is unlocked and optimized.  Some tips:

(1) If you use Aether Mutation against Phantasmal Dragon, the spell will fizzle when Jace sacrifices your target.  If you need to do this to kill the dragon, fine.  But remember that you won't get any saprolings out of it.

(2) Your best creatures against Jace are Simic Sky Swallower and Inkwell Leviathan.  Play around his counterspells for these.  

(3) A kicked Rite of Replication on his Krovikan Mist will provide you with lots of huge flyers.  While it makes his Mist(s) bigger, you will usually have more of them at that same large size.

(4) Don't keep a slow opening hand.  Mulligan if you need to.

(5) Remember, Ulamog's and Kozilek's casting triggers aren't countered even if they themselves are.