Best Buy Preorder?

Hi all,


I pre ordered SR 3 from Best Buy, and I picked it up yesterday ( haven't had time to try it yet). But when I opened the game, it had a code for the Saints Row Online Pass.


Does that include the Professor Genki preorder bonuses as well or should I be going back to Best Buy looking for another code card?




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Hey! Did you happen to check your Best Buy receipt? They like to hide codes on it for DLC and stuff. :P

I didn't have mine either, wasn't in the box or on receipt, so i called them and just have to bring in my receipt to get the codes.

My code was emailed directly from Best Buy and was not included on the receipt.


I bought mine from Best Buy canada and I went line by line through the preorder and the purchas receipt. I even made sure there wasn't another code hidden in the manuals somewhere. To make a long story short, the store had no clue what I was referring to, so I contacted the corporate customer support, who in turn passed me back down to the local store.

Luckily the manager seems like a decent guy. He did some digging and found out that the supplier accidentally did not send out any of the preorder code cards. They are getting their cards in soon, but as I was apparently the first at this store to bring it up, he emailed me my code directly. He suggested that I pass on the information to anyone else in my situation that if you didnt' get your genki card (From Best Buy Canada), take your preorder and purchase receipts into the store and they can either give you the card, or take your name and number and call you when the cards come in.

I went to Gamestop and i didn't get my code either.

meh pre-order bonuses were meh i used the Truck once and now just sits in my garage.