Best Buy pre order bonus

If you pre order the game from Best Buy you get the Robin character code . does anyone know exactly what that is .  is Robin a playable character in the game and not just in challenge mode.

Or is he just an NPC that plays through the story mode with you (co op game play)


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Im not a big Robin fan either, but at least they did change up his look for the game and made him look more grown up than that old outfit that theyve been using for years in the comics that just get minor changes here and there

Co op missions seperate from the campaign would be awesome. Either playing as batman and robin, or batman and catwoman or even robin and catwoman.

That probably would have ruined the game for me: Robin tagging along everywhere I went.

There is no co-op gameplay in Arkham City...:-)

Robin (Tim Drake) will be playable in Challenge Mode if you have the pre-order bonus.

If not and you still want to play as him, you can purchase him off the Marketplace sometime in November, I think the 12th.

For anyone wondering, Robin will appear in the story but as a cameo.

^ ^ Highlight to read minor spoiler.