best broadband for xbox users

after banging my head and upgrading my line a few months ago looking for suggestions on the best broadband for xbox gaming.

Currently  with Virgin for the last 11 years but their traffic management in march has  strangled play on all cod or FPS games so looking to leave them after so many promises about it being the new issued virgin media modems and super hubs its just a disaster and to be brutal they are sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring their gamers. As i say its a Known problem as you can see from this thread on their forum its been going on for 3 months so far


you want a laugh look at the cod one its huge


its not just xbox its affecting pc and ps3 as well look at other threads


looking for unlimited broadband minimum 20gb was looking at infitiy but its a 18 month contract which if they fail to deliver would mean a long waste of time unless i complain to ofcom


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go with BT they are great with gaming no problems at all :)

Latency is more important then downstream, check out what the average speeds are on





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Dang, that's some serious high speed internet. Mine is maybe 1/3 of that.

Doesn't it also matter what Internet package you purchase through your service provider, e.g., Regular, Max, Elite bps?

Verizon Fios is what I use.

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i use sky. totally unlimited good price (im in uk)

[View:] is this good?

I use somethin Norway crapped out. Have to fight with it every fifteen minutes or so. Its extremely annoyin.

To all Fios internet users.  It can work extremely well but only if you set the router up properly.  i went from laggy as crap to host every time, here is what i did:

I'm on BT Infinity and it's cracking. Great speed, plus I've never yet suffered any problems or random disconnects

I use verizon FIOS.