Best bow in the game

I was wanting to use a bow in Dark Souls, but they all seem to be quite weak. I want to know what is the best bow to use for pve(Not pvp)? What bow, and reinforcement would you recommend?


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ive been using the dragonslayer bow for just about everything. it will knock just about everything down with one hit, but is useless for anything that might like to bob n' weave.

I'd say a Longbow or Black Bow of Pharis. also remember bows scale off of Dex so if you have low dex you won't do much dmg with them

What about the darkmoon bow? Sure, you'll need gwyndolins soul, but it's damage is on par with the dragonslayer. Just doesn't have the knockdown the DS bow has.

The composite bow is also quite good, although the range is shorter.  It's the fastest bow, I believe, and the damage out-does most other bows.


For upgrades, if you are going heavy DEX, you could consider going with the standard scaling route, but most people get chaos bows and use fire arrows.  Less used is enchanted (if you have high INT) with moonlight arrows.  You'd also want to use moonlight arrows with the Darkmoon Bow if you go with that.

As a person who has completed the game using strictly 100% bow and arrow, composite bow is the best. The Dragonslayer bow is too unwieldy. Definitely one of the most fun builds.