Bernie is way hotter than the books described

I was picturing some big bulky lookin som ***, but Bernie actually looks hot to me


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I was thinking she would be more butch.

Video game logic.  Every woman is hot.

I thought she would be heavier & more motherly looking at least that the picture i get from the first book.

lol... I pictured her looking old with a spiked brush cut; she's supposed to be Hoffman's age I thought... oh well, it was a nice surprise!

Son, I am disappoint.....

She looked like an old woman to me. I certainly didn't think she looked hot. Like a more slender female version of Hoffman tbh.

Spud: Yea, that's what I said. And then I was like, ya know what? she hot.

I did not like her voice, I always pictured her having a voice more like the actress who played M in the last few James Bond movies, I was also disappointed that we did not get to see her in action

u do see her in action. When the team splits up before the Zerker the 3rd or 4th player becomes Bernie. i also didn't like her voice because she sounded way to young. But then again Hoffman looks 20 years younger somehow.

Queen in her armor is hot.