Being hacked

Hey guys this guy named [MOD EDIT] is literately a "hardcore hacker" he showed me how he could hack peoples accounts, ban their xbox console and many other account threatening things. He has told his friends to help him hack me. How can i get microsoft to get rid of this problem?


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Simple, Use the File a Complaint Tool and you're all set, also keep in mind you cannot call out others on the forums.

Just an aside note: Don't believe someone when they say they're going to do something to your account, it's nothing but trolling.

Also, I would also suggest blocking communications with this player and if you have Filed a Complaint, you don't have to worry about it then.

so ive been hacked all of my stats are messed up real bad how can i fix this problem

I have met a hacker who can crash windows live games, he did this to me, his name is [GT removed]  - Do not name and shame on the forums. lemme know if any of you wanna help me get some revenge

Leme - don't publicly 'name and shame' or threaten revenge, especially on the official Xbox forums! Report the player, just how FoomBerry detailed above, and block communications.

well is there any way you can hack this account thanks