Being able to purchase EXACT amounts of MS points?

I really think this should be introduced. The amount of times I've had to buy 500 points just because I'm 20 or 30 points short is ridiculous. You should introduce a scheme to buy in multiples of 10 depending on how many you need and adjust the rate accordingly. For example, if I have 400 MSP and I want to buy an add-on which is 560 (L4D 2's 'The Sacrifice' DLC for example) I don't want to spend £4.25GBP for 500MSP when I only need 160.

So let's say 10 MSP is equal to £0.09GBP (or £0.10GBP as a round up) I'm sure it would be much easier for people like me who don't like over spending. If necessary, DLC can be bought for the monetary equivalent of the points required. So to re-use my L4D 2 example, 160MSP would cost around £1.60GBP.

Would this be a possibility?


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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