Behold! Gears of War: The Board Game

Behold! Gears of War: The Board Game

Written Friday, July 29, 2011 By Richard Walker

Apparently inspired by the second Gears of War game, Fantasy Flight Games is releasing Gears of War: The Board Game at the end of next month according to a listing on Amazon, meaning that you can finally gather the family round and play Gears of War with your granny. Uniting Marcus Fenix with his stalwart allies, Baird, Cole Train and Dom Santiago, Gears of War: The Board Game tasks players with teaming up and working together to take on the Locust and further the COG war effort by accomplishing various missions. In the big box, you'll find a variety of cards, tokens, map tiles, two sets of dice and 30 nicely detailed playing piece figurines that you can set up on the game's massive board. Hopefully, you'll have a big enough playing surface to accommodate it when Gears of War: The Board Game launches on August 31st, 2011. Take a look at it in more detail in the video.


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Cool.. I guess.

Sounds cool to me. Always wanted to play more board games in my life, so hopefully this could get some mates round.

Providing it is good of course.

Great distraction for my kid while I play the real game !