Beginning to question the usefulness of an Engineer...

I've been playing as an Engineer right from the get-go. I'll switch to **** on non vehicle maps (Operation: Metro for example) or switch to a Recon when there's a metric ton of snipers on the other team, but 90% of the time I'll be an Engineer. I thought it'd be incredibly useful being able to control the amount of vehicles on the field by repairing/destroying them, but I've quickly found out that the Engineers really aren't all that useful.

Let's start with the obvious, repairing vehicles. Works fine until one of three things always happens. And one of these will happen every time you try to repair a vehicle:
1. The vehicle is hit with an RPG on the side opposite to where you are, yet you still blow up.
2. You get shot by a flanking enemy because the driver/passenger don't cover you
3. The driver either ditches the vehicle or jams the gas, leaving you wide open to fire from all angles

And then we go onto Anti-Air/Anti-Vehicle:
1. Aircraft have a seemingly infinite amount of flares, rendering the Stinger all but useless.
2. It takes 3/4 shots to the side/rear with an RPG to blow up nearly any kind of ground vehicles except the FAVs. Not to mention the fact that 3 shots if all you spawn with, and forget a Support giving you ammo, it just doesn't happen.
3. It takes all 3 AT mines to blow up a tank, meaning you only have one shot, if the tank takes another route you're screwed.

It seems that the one redeeming quality of the Engineer class is the EOD bot and the fact that most people tend to not notice it or outright ignore it. But that alone is not enough to make up for the fact that the class seems gimped to the point where it's usefulness is nonexistent.


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Friends. I have none of these problems when I use them.

Wait till the locked on jet or heli fires it's flares then launch, when you get the explosives upgrade you get like 8 rockets for the rpg and a bunch of anti tank mines.


yea when you repair it's always a risk fixing it unless you have communication with the driver.

Yeah, you can usually trick the jets or helicopters. Just stay locked on to them for awhile and most of them will deploy their flares before you even fire your rocket. Then you should be able to take them down ;)

And, I've put down only one or two AT mines and had the tank blow up from them. I never needed three.

Engineer is the best class in the game. It's the only class that can take out vehicles (support doesn't count). Plus it has amazing primary weapons that can go up against the assault weapons.

Tip for stingers: lock on to a pilot and wait until they pop flairs. Then relock and fire. They won't have time to pop flairs again and you should get a hit.

The Holy Pie, all Classes have an extent of "how useful" they are. When they are now longer "useful" for a given situation, you're probably using the wrong Class for that given moment. And just an fyi, trying to help random smurfs has always been a "challenge" to say the least.

Also look for the smoking air craft, that's a one shot fireworks display.

engineer is far from useless.

1 engineer can let 1 tank take on 2 enemy tanks

an engineer in certain helos can keep it repaired enough to stay in the air

ok so it takes 3 landmines to kill a tank YOU KILLED A TANK FFS

it takes 3+ rockets to kill ground vehicles. ok  you killed a ground vehicle

engineer can blow walls up that snipers are hiding behind

stingers have issue vs jets if they have flares if your alone, but what if a 2nd person is standing by? or a friendly jet is in the air? 1 person with a stinger can force the enemy pilot to fly away from the combat area.

stingers tear up helo's if they don't have flares and since they are slow can be easily hit with the 2nd shot.

the engineer weapon is good in this game, BF2MC engineer got shotguns and that was it. be thankful u can get any sort of range.

taking out jets with engineers is a team effort.  1 engineer is tough but if your jets and helos are running them down too its easy. or get a 2nd engineer to fire up the follow up missle after yours is taken by the flares

I murder tanks with RPG's...hit them in the side or rear. 2 for the disable, 3rd one is lights out. Just be clever about the first shot, most people don't jump out to repair if they don't see the first one. 2nd one hirts, they are disabled..if they bail, you can get an easy destroy...if they stay, it's a free destroy + multi kill. Just takes practice. The hard tanks to take down are the ones with a good gunner/spotter. Otherwise, freebies.


I don't bother with jets...they are worthless against infantry and only a few can do damage to a friendly tank.


I only repair other vehicles if it's safe...most people are too stupid to realize someone is repairing them.


I find the engineer class the most effective for me...

1. use explosive perk to get 8 rockets or more mines

2. hit the tank in the back for a 2 hit kill/disable

3. You should not repair a tank in the middle of the heat.. if the driver is stupit enough NOT to pull back, you dont repair him.

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