Before you buy battlefield3 read this first

I have played first time shooter games going back as far as Ghost recon advance fighter. and other older games such as duke nukem on pc. One of the things im find out about this game is there ware way too many expert head shot people in the is game they are already spawn kill people to death and the game not even a day old yet. the answer to all this is simple. the freeloader auto aim rapid fire controller people are ruining this game already. the game is already being hacked and to me is not worth the 70 bucks to buy when people are already cheating so bad you just want to put the controller down and stomp on it. i was re-spawn killed 47 time straight in a row. too many people are doing this and i know not every one is an expert marksman ship.

the servers have been down several times and just makes game play hard cause your not able to get use to the game play when this happens. the gun feel is not there and aim is way off the mark it take several shot to kill some one. makes you wonder how the other guy can kill you with one shot only and has no scope.  just sayin. but over all its does have great graphics and huge maps but  the game to me feels rushed it could have stayed being worked on a little longer to fix the bugs out.  my bet is MWF3 will be a lot better since they will have better guns. this game has few guns and it takes all day to level one level. also take in mind your playing with gun that feel cheap and look standard. mw2 give you better choices in guns than battlefield3 does. the sniper guns are just plain jane guns and and feel very hard to aim with there is not hold breath shot.

over all i give the game D- as the game fails to keep me wanting to play it anymore


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Woah I'm not reading that.

I've have not had any problems with the servers.  if it is taking you a bunch of shots to kill someone check your aim.  the sniper rifles are more realistic in this game in any other, cuz over a greater distance you have to account for bullet drop, for me it makes sniping more funn and picking someone off from far away more satisfying.  i have had a great time in mp and have not experienced spawn campers to the extent you desrcibe. And as for amount of guns are you kidding me...BF3 has 9 different Assualt rifles, 8 pistols, 8 sniper rifles, 7 LMG's, 6 SMG's, 6 carbines, 6 rocket launchers, 5 shotguns, and a bunch of misc explosives such as mines mortars and claymores...thats ALOT of fire power add in the vehicles how many options do you need?  

Oh noes...I already bought it.

spawn kill's don't happen like that. you can spawn on people or in a random spot. as for it getting hacked I haven't seen it but COD is full of hackers and cheaters. BF3 is for a real life feel and COD just seems fake (cuz it is). I tried to get in to COD before but I just can't. just so you know you can't bring your COD skills in to battlefield cuz it won't work, you will get kill all day. lean how to spot, shoot, use cover, and work as a team.

sounds to me the op is not intelligent enough to play this game. how can they constantly spawn kill you when you get options of where to spawn. as far as people out gunning you, thats because they have actually played games in this series (unlike you) and have a feel for the game already. sounds to me like you just don't know how to play it. every shooter is different at least from different companies. theres not many games that play identical unless they are a continuation or series (even then they can be a little different). guess u can go back to cod cause i sure don't want a teething child on my team. ur probably one of those on black ops saying people are using mods online too.

just because your are bad, doesn't mean the game is bad.

i have only encountered one person who i could even think was cheating, his sniper was absurdly loud when shooting at me ( it sounded like it was an RPG) but his K/D was meh so i figure just a sound bug.

servers have kicked me out a few times.... its EA what else is new.

people headshot you when u sit still, stop standing in the open.

GRAW came out like 7 years ago, most of us have been playing games since BF 1942, star wars battlefront and the other awsome shooters that existed last gen.