Before quitting a session, you save the game and...

... In GTA4 I used to stroll the streets killing anything that moved until the cops turned up, then killed as many of them as I could before leading a city wide car chase with heaps of shots exchanged to see how long I could last, and how high I could get the body count.


Anyway, I'm all grown up and responsible now... yeah. So indiscriminate gun massacres leave me feeling a little cold and irresponsible.


So now I just punch the lights out of people - NOT UNPROVOKED I might responsibly add.


One of the funniest tips I read on here was how if you hit right on the DPAD while walking (or is it left? anyway try it), you'll exchange pleasantries with the nearest pedestrian, some pleasant, some not so.


So I stand on a street corner (mostly as Frank as he has the best "pleasantries") and give plenty of lip to passing pedestrians and drivers. Anyone wishing me a pleasant day goes on their way, unless I can provoke them into an unpleasant response. The back-chatters, well I just keep giving them lip until they either decide to run or put up or shut up (I NEVER start the fight). Then it's on and let me tell you Frank and co can dance (particularly if you use X - the counter-punch).


NOTE - you'll hear some of the funniest dialogue exchanges in the game while you're baiting for a fight.


And then just punch on. Sometimes more than one will join in - take him out too. Then turn on the cars and kick the crap out of them. Eventually you'll get a star or two so run and hide until you can return and continue dishing out street justice. Of course if it escalates too far and shooting starts - well then at least it's not an indiscriminate gun massacre is it - those fools asked for it.



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And I'll add, even while fighting, keep hitting the DPAD for some hilarious dialogue

Nice! I find myself doing the same thing. If im on foot I actually talk to just about anyone. Its best to bait them to behind a building. Sometimes the cops and paramedics dont find the beaten dead body for a few hours.

Another fun thing I do in the same vein is drive around with weapons UN-ARMED, hit the left bumper and you flip the bird and a give a mouthful. So I turn up at lights and flip birds and plenty of lip to whomevers next to me... and behind... and in front (you'll turn in your seat right in their face if you turn them directionally while hitting the left bumper).


Now if they drive off, I let them be. If they get out they meet Frankies counter-punching and probably a good old fashioned kerb stomping (hey - they started it). If they give me lip back and then drive off well I chase them down and end it one way or the other.

The other day I had dialogue with someone she threatened to call the cops... I said one more thing and boom she was on the phone..  I love the interactions..

Yeah if you don't want the heat - once they threaten to call the cops move onto the next mark because they will if you utter one more word.

I have had the cops called on me for complimenting someone. Since then when they threaten to call the cops they get knocked out. I will have to try the driving thing. I knew it existed but didnt know the button. Tried a few times but ended up shooting the gun instead while trying button combinations, then a run from the cops, then im off to something else.

I sooooo wish these little "pleasantry" exchanges were subtitled since I'm hearing impaired.