Been playing since launch, only 2 specializations showing (other than MKIV)

So, I have a regular edition of Halo 4.  I read, everywhere, up until launch day that only two conditions will unlock the 6 specializations, either, you have purchased the LE Halo 4, or you began playing Halo 4, connected to Live/ on Live, by November 20th or prior.  I am nearly done maxing out my 3rd and last available specialization and still do not see the other 6 on my list. Anyone else experiencing this?


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Yes i'm waiting for xbox or 343 email to unlock the other six i reach level 50 before nov 20 and that was the rules.

We still have at least another week to wait.

yea we were talking about that earlier in the same exact boat as you dude. once you find out, let me know cause I want to know where my specializations are. like you I have the regular edition and I got the game the day it came out 12:01am EST is when I popped my game in.

So yea when u guys find out, please let me know via Pvt Msg. Thanks! PPEACE!!!

I like how the only people able to progress past lvl 70 in this game, are those who dropped 120.00 on one game.  LoL  Well, I guess that's more of what we can expect down the road.  Between that and a daily cap, all they do is push people towards Black Ops II/ other titles.

You have a point there Tron.