Been off BL for a while. Wanna start from scratch?

Been playing alot of CoD lately, and I wanna get back into Borderlands, considering I've gotten only maybe a quarter of the way through it. I play either Soldier or Siren, and would LIKE to have one of each character, but as long as there's not more than two of any type, I can live with it. No hacks or any of that junk, I play legit. I'm looking for people who are down to play regularly (I'm usually free most days after 4pm), and keep your character for co-op only. No solo levelling up! I can host as well cuz I have a really strong internet connection, as long as you're not gonna keep jumping in and out of game. I'm free all day today, so add my GT: KaZe925 and hit me up. I'd like to start today


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Sure man, I have been dying to do another play through of this masterpiece.

Hi, I'm PDXJoker, I'm an adult and love to play BL. message me anytime if you want another player.


sweet. add me and biglilcheater. I'm playing siren, he's playing soldier. we need a beserker!

Me and BigLilCheater are starting a group! we're a siren and a soldier, both at level 5. need more players!

Need help, add me if you wish. Gladly help any way I can.

I played with some friends yesterday, we all were around 8-11 when we formed a group, after we got done playing the lowest level player was like 19, It was so much fun fighting like four "badass" skags while mountains and mountains of regular enemies came after us in a single fight.

most definitely. i can play as hunter.

I'm new to the boarderland world ...........I'll add all you guys!!

Ye sure I'd play as any character