Been gaming since the NES? This clan is for you! (Black Ops, MW2, MW3)

The 8BIT Clan is now recruiting!


Hello, fellow gamers, and thank you for inquiring about my forum. I am ZTM777, leader of the 8BIT clan, and I am looking for new members. The 8BIT is a relatively small group of people at this time, but due to growing popularity, I have decided to post a forum here. So why should you join the 8BIT clan?



Alright, I'm not gonna lie, when I first made the 8BIT clan, I didn't expect to actually have the 8BIT name as a real clan. It was more of a, "Hey, I can put four letters here, and they will be on my gun. HECK YEAH!" But, one day I get bored and sent a message to recent players, clan tryouts, blah blah blah. I'm sure you've gotten one from someone at one time if you have ever played Black Ops or MW2, which you probably have, since your on here.....but i'm rambling, so anyways, thats pretty much the whole history in a nutshell. Just a clan created for gamers who play the game for fun. 



Alright, so these days, everybody wants something for doing a little work, so what is in it for you if you join the 8BIT clan? Well...

1. We help our clan out with challenges. If you have a challenge or contract you need to complete, the 8BIT clan will help you achieve that.

2. Finding yourself lonely, or outnumbered in combat? We will get together in groups, and go battle other players and/or clans. 

3. Meet new people and make new friends.

4. The fact that you can brag to everyone about how cool of a clan your in. :P


Alright, so you got a clan. What makes you different from any other clan?

Well, the 8BIT clan is a clan that means you have been gaming since games were just beginning. Like the Atari, onto the NES, etc. You don't have to have been gaming since day one, but the people who made it have. The 8BIT is a friendly clan. We do not discriminate, we do not insult (but playful teasing is fine, just know where to draw the line), and we treat our clan members like family.



If you're interested in becoming an 8BIT clan member, just reply to this forum, or send me a message on Xbox Live. I'm online almost everyday, but sometimes I could be off for a week at a time. Our clan stretches from MW2 to Black Ops, and assuming the function is available for MW3, then that game as well. 


Anything else I should know?

That about wraps it up. Join up, and as soon as we get enough members, we will have a clan game day, where we will get all the members online, and go play as a clan together.




"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."


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The 8BIT clan website is in the works!


The 8BIT clan is now operational! check it out at



can i join ya clan plz dude :)

yes plz where do i sign up :)

how it,s the prop that we need to enter at this clan?

Hey Dude Can i join??

jamming alone on cod

could i join please

Ive been gaming since the old Atari2600 days which was my first game console after that was the N.E.S.

I would like ta join your clan

I'd want to give this clan a go aswell xD

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