Becoming a VP legend

I have had prior experience with a Virtual Pro i created where he became a legend in his second season, after becoming team captain and then achieving 16/16 on the performance level and I then received a message from the coach saying I was now a club legend. I have a new VP now, and he is even better than the old one and has reached captainship far earlier. Trouble is I now have 16/16 performance level for some time now, but I still haven't been made a legend for the club. Any tips on what i might be doing wrong or how to finally become a legend appreciated. Thanx in advance.
PS: I play at the professional difficulty.


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im having the same trouble :( done 5+ season with man utd 16/16 still not got it ,  got oldham athletic up to the prem and won trophies yet it still wont pop for me ha

I finally got it after a few more matches. Don't know how, but I didn't even play that well in about 6 matches prior to receiving the achievement. Maybe you have to be a team player and set up goals for your team members or something. What lvl do you play on?

i was playing on world class but then dropped it down to proffesional and then amature to make sure i got the cups :P , im also playing as the whole team should i just use my player instead of the whole squad ?

i forgot to mention that i am now in my 5th season and won the f.a cup with oldham aswell :/

I also play with the whole team. I am going to take a shot here and suggest you stick to the professional lvl, and keep playing on that for a while, and you should get it. i think the higher the level, the more difficult it is to get this particular achievement. hope that helps