Because of the new COD trailer

When I went to check my download status of the games I was re-downloading, I discovered Call of Duty game trailer for 11/2014!!! Because of this, I'm now addicted to FPSs. No, it's not the game, I wouldn't dare believe that Kevin Spacey (of all people) would be in a game. He is my top 3 actors. I am now re-addicted to FPSs. Add me if you won't, I have no mic and no Kinect, and will never get another of those. When I get addicted to a genre, I game, not talk. Oh, I'm also renewing my GOLD service because of COD. When I get a new controller for my XBOX ONE next week, I will be playing COD Ghosts too, I may need to update, it's been two months since I played my XB1

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I`m really not into the Call of duty Or Modern Warfare Series. I really do dislike these games as they are extremely over-rated and they are the same generic junk they keep releasing each time.

It`s a little bit like FIFA (video game series) in a way, Don't expect anything Game-Breaking, You know what you are going to get when you purchase the game. The same generic type of Game-Play or Style you would expect from any other FIFA (video game series) as well as the Call of duty Series. -_-

Kevin is a good dude and is also one of my fave actors too. Though him alone is not enough to restore my faith back into the saga. I just hope they do something different and as a new entry dev team into the company, I would hope they pull off all the ticks.