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Looks great. Can't wait.

another f up by these guys doing the remaster... why change so much up from the original? just update the graphics some don't add stupid jet packs and other stuff not from the original, don't make the levels more easier to navigate like on damnation by the waterfalls making it a long walk way. then on battle creek (beaver creek) they covered up the areas u actually went into in the water to get the camo or overshield. that use to be a key area where people would try to hide and camp but an easy kill. not to mention having changed the portals since the original halo. that was another key area where people would try and hide in the green plasma or wutever it was. all that needed to be done with this game is of course re-skin it so that it looks good on a hd tv, and then make the multiplayer actauly xbox live capable along with adding the multiplayer maps from the pc version and thats it. why ruin a masterpiece? just doing a remake as i mentioned would have sold millions of copies. i mean thousands of people used to play the original halo ce "online" using tunnel software. think of how many people would play this online if u made it easier by having it on xbox live.

I agree with you, i would prefer it to be just Halo: CE multiplayer but 343 said they don't want to divide the Reach community.

hmmm...some of that stuff can be turned off in games to make for a more classic experience. i dont understand what people are complaining about. i love the new beaver creek, for example. i saw some of the different stuff they added to it, which changes some of the strategies for certain gametypes...

Well i'm not complaining about the map itself, it looks brilliant, i would just have liked to have the multiplayer gameplay of Halo 1 rather than Reach.