Beating Everyone?

I've finished Campaign on Easy and now doing as many of the Side Missions as possible.  Is there a way to defeat all the thugs milling about, so that you can eventually go about without worrying about being shot at?  At the end of Asylum you can reach a point where everyone is downed, but in City, do goons just continually respawn?


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Yea they will re-spawn continuously im pretty sure this way after everything is done and you have nothing else to do in game then you can go be batman and fight crime.

Rocksteady learned their lesson from Arkham Asylum where the entire map became a little too quiet and boring after you beat each area and there was nothing left to do there.


this. Is funny that gamers complained for no enemy respawn in AA and now some gamers complain for enemy  respawns in AC. The enemies only appear  quick again if you enter an area indoor or exit to  an area outdoor. The only frustrating enemy respawn that the game had is the last fight with Two Faces and end being not so hard once you learn the pro and cons in that confrontation.

The correct answer is some enemies respawn and some do not...... I'm guessing you are asking because some enemies on roof tops keep shooting you as you try to run across roof tops from one side mission to another....... Those guys with guns on roof tops usually respawn.