Beat the career ... now what?

Yesterday - I think it was yesterday... - I beat the career mode. All ten seasons. Finished. Now I feel like there's nothing left to do in the game... which is stupid. I enjoyed the game. I know I still COULD enjoy the game. But I liked the career mode. Being forced to do certain things on certain tracks. I know the Event List is there and has a bunch of stuff, but it doesn't feel the same. And online, to me, is pointless... it's fun, but it's nothing special to me. Maybe if there was a counter so you could see how well you've done online, as well as an online ranking system - not True Skill though. I hate True Skill. Terrible. - then I'd likely be playing a lot more. I'd say I regret buying this game, but I've gotten a good 18 hours of play time out of it, and the DLC will give me a BIT of a reason to come back.


Am I the only one? I'd think so. I also find the Auction House pointless. Why buy a "used" car for virtually the same price as you can get it new? I just don't understand. It's definitely a fun game, but I feel like I've done it all. I got all the cars I wanted and then-some already, I've tried online, boosted a few affinity levels up... blah. Pointless thread is pointless.


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So it just ends after ten?  I was hoping it would just go on for while like the others.

Well ... I think it ends ... to be honest I didn't check. Now I feel stupid. I hope it didn't end. :(

itll probably take me about a month to finish the career..if not longer never manage more than a few career races before rivals grabs me again.

beating a rivals time only to have a faster rival to chase will keep me going forever (and hell far as im concerned no ai cars getting in my way and no online people swearing their heads of at eachother for everything are just added bonuses)

There's 700+ races in the event list that is part of the career. Completing season 10 only gets you part way through the event list...

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I've been hanging out with Americans too much and now I'm too lazy to read the full post...

To be honest, what is the difference between picking from a choice of 3 races in the season or going into the event list and picking there? It's the same races and it's not like Forza 3 where you get an event and do all the races in that event to move on in the season. You only do 1 race out of that event so all the events are incomplete.

Look at it this way, think of the events as mini seasons so now you have a couple hundred seasons to finish.

ALL games now are designed around achievements and not a story line.

That is silly, now I have all these races and I have no idea what place I'm in, or if I've even raced in them yet.

Metal, it says on the Events list whether you've completed it or how many races you've completed out of them.

When I finished my 10th season I checked my stats and it said I'd only done just over 10% of the career, loads and loads more to do lol.

If this thread were a contestant on "The Gong Show" it would get the gong.

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