Beat Halo 4 on Legendary, and got all the achievements, but my Spartan Card says i only beat it on Normal!

So i dont have high speed internet, but i do play Halo online at my cousins a lot, so i have gotten plenty of things unlocked. However upon getting my own copy, and playing at home offline, I beat the game off legendary, i have all the achievements to prove it. But when i DO sign into xbox live, and look at my Spartan Progress, it claims i have only beat the game on Normal, Meaning i didnt get all my Legendary Gear such as the Master Chief Armor and Visor. What went wrong, and is there a way to log in and update what i have accomplished!

If you have any information for me please send it to me at: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

This is just really frustrating cuz you all know how much of a pain in the butt, completing Halo 4 on Legendary can be!


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The problem with this is that the armour and visor you're looking for are not linked to any Achievements but to one of the Commendations, and Commendations are all restricted to playing online. You must remain online the whole way through the Campaign.

This still doesn't explain why my Spartan Career Card say i've only beat it on normal. I understand the Commendations thing, but you would think the fact that i at least beat it on Legendary would be recognized, i mean it would read that stuff off the hard drive wouldnt it?

No, the in-game tracker for it will take the information from 343's servers, which means it doesn't think you completed the Campaign on Legendary, even though your Achievements will say you did.


If it bothers you, you can simply replay the missions that the Commendation has not been completed for, as this will tell you which missions need to be replayed while connected to LIVE.