Beat downs or Assssinations?

I see a number of the community use Assassinations but I personally use Beatdowns, for they are much quicker and are quite handy in a sticky situation.


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One for being annoying and one that should always have been the standard?


You have to be one of the most annoying people I've ever had the displeasure of talking to.

Well, there is a commendation for Assassinations, not beat downs. Plus it's a way to rub a kill in an opponent's face. But a lot of people use them in the wrong situations. You shouldn't be assassinating someone in the middle of a firefight unless you're looking for trouble. That's when a beat down is best.

Well Assasinations are good for when theres 1 enemy or an enemy with a weak teammate, if it's like swat, beatdowns are necessary, the only reason to do assasinations against one guy is for the credits

I haven't really thought of that, I only did beat downs, the only time I ever did assassinations was when it is either a accident or I wanted to thoroughly humiliate them.


Guess that's basically the point eh?

Umm, no its not. Assassinations are there to give you more credits and help build your commendation and rank. Its soul purpose wasn't to deliberately "humiliate them".

The purpose of Assassinations isn't to give you more CR and allow you to get your commendations.


Do you think the commendation for assassinations came before the assassinations?


I can't say why they are there but I would guess, and believe I might have heard this before, they're deliberately designed to add a little more 'seriousness' to the game.

I use assassinations... the most I play swat and most of my assassinations are on afk players so..... yeah ......... plus there r commendations for assassinations

I don't use assassination to rub other people's face. I just do it for fun. Assassination animations are pretty cool.