Beast Mode Tier 4 Wave 7

Im not going to chat just give u the base of getting this.

Players 5

Beasts =_3 Locust The base is when u get money $ Locust 

NOTE Tier 2 Will Take One Round Max Money 5k Random Spawns IF U go for assist bonuses U Should Have 1k First Round Min.

NOTE U may see some people with around 20k on first round this is with barriers when u destroy a barrier it can glitch and give u +26 In A large burst.

On Tier 2 u can use the Kantus This Can Heal If All Ur Other Players Play As Wretch's mean u can make around 8k in one round alone off healing.

Note On Tier 3 use the Savage Corpser Though The Serapede is Quicker And More Expensive The Corpser If Far More Accurate And Is Almost Impossible To Kill

Tier 4 U Have The Berserker Presumably This Makes It All The More Sweeter 

The End 

HAHA Beast Mode IS impossible To Lose On Like Almost every other game.


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