beast mode on insane without failing

hi; can anyone please help with this . i wanna unlock the savage theron guard . thanks in advance


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Easiest way is checkout. It's small enough to do quickly and honestly is fairly easy.  You can do it with three people. I'd wish ya good luck but you shouldn't need luck for this.

The best map is trenches.  I was able to beat it on insane with tickers and boomers.  

We have 2 players ready to do beast mode on insane without failing... BirdHalen and Straitedgegamer... Send us a message or invite.

You can't use mutators in beast can you?  I'm down to try this. I'll be on after work, after 5pm CST. Let me know.

I'll help too, I want to unlock Savage Theron

^^ TRENCHES, for real thats a good map for insane? I have enough trouble with that map on normal. How did you move around? Hate to fight either berserker bosses on that map.

im down rite now

If you guys know what you are doing I will help. I won't be on until 10 PM central time though.

I can help i just dont have the mutators, we need someone who does then i will join, send me a FR.

Oh, right NOW? Forgive me, I didn't mean it to be immediate. I have to go out soon, but I'll be available later tonight if you guys are still up for it. If you find others, then go for it. There's another guy who posted on a thread about the Savage Theron Guard, asking if anyone needs to do this on Insane without failing. Look him up too.