beast mode is super fun

i like beast mode a lot. i wish they had a vs mode that allowed people to vs each other, with one side being the beast and the other side being humans. then the sides switch after the first round.


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I like it, not wild about there being a time limit AND a money choke. One or the other would be fine.

I wish there was more than 1 minute, especially in the later rounds. Its hard to travel across the map quickly as some of the larger locusts.

Yeah the time limit  can be a pain, everyone gets killed and you gotta run across the map and through barriers to get there and sometimes you cut it really close.

I wish they did include a Versus mode where its locust vs.COG, but for it to work I think the time limit would have to be either taken out or really increased since players are much harder than bots

Beast is broken.  Every time I try this game mode it takes 10 minutes then after finding players the 360 freezes and I have to turn the unit off and then back on again.

I can't seem to get into a beast match myself!