Beast Insane Strategy?

Hello fellow gearheads. I was just wondering what's the best strategy to do Beast Insane and on which map. I've read that Trenches seems to be the best map to do this as the victims tend to cluster at the middle area? Of course, I'm still looking to get this Onyx medal which is such a pain in the a**. I tried Checkout last weekend with a full team and we got to the last wave and was finally hammered by the hammer of dawn. So close. And I'm still looking for a team which I can do this with. Kinda hard to get a full team together. Such an elusive medal for me. Sigh.


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I did it on Trenches.

They do cluster in the middle area, which makes it alot easier to take them out with tickers (use tickers alot!).

DO NOT pick a locust when the signal for the sandstorm goes, but wait it out (make sure everyone in the party has a mic).

Checkout works great too.  as epic GT said use nothing but tickers and just keep blowing stuff up. then around wave 5-6 have a boomer or 2 for long range. Do NOT think that a Zerker will win wave 12 I have seen to many people blow there money on the zerk just to get killed almost instantly. I like to wait till a few people and things have been destroyed then jump in with the zerk and clean up.

If you need 1 just send me a Request and a message letting me know what cheevos or unlocks your going for as I have a few people to help out.

hey kenofnor. thanks for the tip.

hey abysmalzulu, added you, but i play on long hauls only during weekends. i'd be glad if you can really help me out with Beast on Insane. but if our timing differs, it's OK.

some cheevos i need unlocking:

1. Force Multiplier

2. Kill Locust (Like a Boss)

3. Places to See, People to Destroy

4. Help From My Friends & I'm Rubber, You're Glue (4 player co-op for RAAM's Shadow)

5. Come to Poppa & Locust, Forever

6. I've Done It All! (still left with most of the Beast ribbons)

7. I've Got This (Guardian - need a full team of 5?) & Foreshadowing (don't think I can ever get this.. :( )

and i will always help out with whatever you're doing now as well. thanks in advance.

u can add me. I also need Places to See, People to Destroy achievement and Insane Beast i'm willing to  help with the other achievements u need

Hey Epic.

CadetChik here, you already have me on your FL, so if you still need help, me and my friend will join you.

Send us an invite.

We both have it.

Hi Cadetchik. I'm glad you can help me in this. I play normally during the weekends. I was thinking if your friend and you are free on Saturday PDT 5pm, that'd be great. I may have another friend who is looking for this and still waiting for his reply. That'll make a total of 4 players as of now. Jarizz, do you still need it?

I'm just waiting for another friend of mine before we have a full list:

1. CadetChik

2. CadetChik's friend

3. MLC Elite

4. Bad Instinct (pending)

5. epic GT is epic

OK, so it's confirmed we have a full team for this medal. See you CadetChik.

By the way, IF we still have time by the end of it (I sure hope we don't have to grind for this too long like how I did my I've Got This cheevo which was a straight 7 and a half hours!), I hope we can go for some Beast ribbons I'm still lacking for the I've Done It All cheevo.

Still lacking are the following:

1. Indigestion

2. Meatshop

3. Team Shaman

4. Team Savior

5. Test Driver

Again, thanks for the help and participation.

anyone lookin for partners

lookin for peeps to do beast on insane msg me

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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