I remember getting bears in johns town region in frontier but i cant remember where.

Can anyone give me the bear locations?

Also where are the highest trade selling prices in sequence 9?


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no idea

Oh forgot to ask bears only spawn in summer time right? They hibernate in winter like in RL? Which means you wont get any in sequence 9 bc its winter in beggining unless latter it turns to summer.

If you can I found trading weapons, officers swords and (I think) fine clothing made almost as much as bear skins did. You may be able to create a few these while you wait for Winter to pass.

Bears can be found in the center/north part of John's Town where there is a large body of water.  You will find bears on the east bank of the water inlet.


Although I have not experimented with too many different items, I found that bear and beaver pelts turn a very high profit when you send them out on NAVAL convoys to the highest-paying merchant.  Just make sure that you complete the naval or privateer missions to lower the risk of the convoy being attacked and to lower the tax rate.  The only downside to this method is the time it takes to get the money.  It is best if you send all of your goods to the same merchant to save on time and risk.


Please let me know if this helps you out.



I found you can do faith leap into a pile of leaves off a big rock there 2 bears right there. 1 scouting around the other at the water. fast travel to homestead run back and repeat for these 2 bears. Its a short run on the path well you know what i mean. Thats the only ones i have found. However when i was omw to the hostile negotiations i did get 4 bears on the east side of the large area you speak of. But have not found them again. perhaps to early in the spring i dont know.

they spawn in johns town in winter or summer by the water all the time or try going to the mountains.