be able to use MSP and gamerscore

i've been playing on the xbox for about 2 years now and i have been wondering about some things. first games are not cheap $60 for one game. 2nd why would i wanna fork out more money into buying these things called MICROSOFT POINTS. so i have an idea that might work or not. i would like to use my gamerscore to buy things off of the marketplace  or maybe even renewing my XBL. i just think that we should be able to use our gamerscore and the MSP. but you never know what could happen with gaming nowadays i understand its expsensive to make a game i know that but i also wanna save money also like buying map packs,avatar items, movies , XBL etc............. well if you agree or disagree post it 


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No. MSP and GS are two totally different things.

MSP you buy from the store and it's basically real money, that you can buy extra content with.

GS on the other hand is just a challenge system built into the games to keep you interested and play the game even more. You have not paid any real money for them, so it would be pretty stupid if you could then buy real stuff with it.

this idea has been thought of before, it increases the amount of people that already boost/ mod their gamerscore for no reason at all, actually have something to do it for. i dont think this is a good idea at all.