Be a pro keeper problem with view/camera angle

Hi all.

On FIFA 14 (360) there's camera setting in the options for be a pro keeper. The default view is behind the keeper as it has been with every fifa since you could play as the keeper. On my xbox one version I do not see this camera option and my view in game as the keeper (online be a pro) is quite high up and facing the keeper. I cannot change it, and don't know how to!! I have no keeper view option on this version.

Does anyone else play as a keeper on the xbox one? What's this view, how to I get the standard view back!! Whats going on? Any help would be great.


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XB1 GK cam is regular to me.. a bit higher but i like to read the cross paths so i like it better than older Fifas... Delete and try Reinstalling Fifa14 to your hard drive cause the camera options should be there.. maby lost Data 1st time install.. look for scratches or warpage too on disk... i wish they slowed the game burn process a bit.. ive had a few new 360 games not work new from instant warpage on opening lol and waist gas money replaceing new games.. no 11v11 online teamplay with real teams in Fifa14:( but good luck fixing camera