BC2 Back In The Chart

The wife forced me into Tesco shopping yesterday and i noticed a copy of Bad Company 2 on the shelf. As my Tesco only sells the top ten games i thought it was odd , reading an EA blog last night on twitter i see that BC2 is currently the best selling X Box game in the UK at the present time! Not bad for an old game. Im assuming its people gearing up for the release of BF3 but its good news all the same , full servers :) (as long as its not just being bought for the single player that is)


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Yeah the servers have been incresing more and more everyday. I've been having some fun games. Also as the ultimate edition comes with a free download of BF1943, servers are quite full on that end aswell. :-)

BF3 is gonna be huge!!

BF3 is gonna be game of the year!

It's a really good thing that DICE won't make a battlefield game every year, it'll give them more time to upgrade Frostbite more.

I just love the new players in xbox though, they try to camp and I just blow the wall up with C4 or tank ahaha.

Is it me or does BFBC2 never get old .........Come on BF3