BC Bad co.2 VIP ACESS?

What exactly does it bring me? i see 7 map pack? so i get them all?



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Sorry, I meant Battlefield Bad COmpany 2

Yes if your a Vip member you get all 7 map packs free. Bf Vietnam and onslaught mode is not free.

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what is onslagth? so if i buy the vip for 800 i get 7 new maps? that would hold me till bf3

Yes. Onslaught is a mode were you play against bots on some of the multiplayer maps.

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sounds kinda boring... bots are easier to predict...

is it worth 800 points though

well, 7 map packs, each containign about 3 different maps each...

well i think thats what i heard.

ok, I bought the VIP, wow, the maps are nice, but the people are brutal alot more hardcore, in the normal maps i got 15 per game, this one i was lucky to get 4.... maybe cause i dont know the terrain

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is it worth 800 points though

[/quote]Not really it should have come with the game like blackops combat training. There was a deal on it along with other bad company 2 content but that passed. I bought it when it released and still use it to practice flying with the chopper.
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The maps are huge and most guys your going to play have been playing for awhile just keep pushing yourself and getting kills and you'll get to know the maps really quick.Onslaught(which has four player online co-op) and the Vietnam add ons are awesome additions as well and if you get a few extra points these add ons will not disappoint.