BAWSAQ Stock Market?

What is the BAWSAQ market, can someone explain, does that relate to what people (real people like us) are spending their money on in the game?


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It's a joke name for NASDAQ.  It's the stock market.

Yeah I get the name BAWSAQ and what it's hinting at lol, but is it a market for what gamers are spending their money on in GTAV

It's what the NPC's spend their money on.  Although you can influence profits by certain actions in the game.

I noticed a link to it in the Rockstar Social club so other players MIGHT be effecting it.

By link I mean they have 'real time stock updates'. I don't really know to be honest.

I just realized what they were hinting at lol.

The BAWSAQ will be affected by all the players once Online goes live even if you play single player with an internet connection where as the other one will only be affected by your single player game.

bawsaq sounds like what it means like gheyy sechs etc haha R* always does that kinda stuff and I appreciate it a lot.