BAWSAQ and LCN Issues from Assassinations

So I have read up on how you can make millions of dollars on the market through assassinations.  It seems as though I'm not able to make as much money as the guides suggest I should be.  After the first Lester mission with the Betta Pharm I seem to only be able to gain around 50% returns before it stops going up.  I have reloaded previous saves and tried to repeat the mission with slight adjustments to try to get it to work (buying the stock before I kill, after the kill, sleeping, not sleeping) but still no luck.  Eventually I just gave up and sold the stock with 50% returns but now it seems like the competition Bilkington is not wanting to recover after I bought in low, and it just sits at -17%.  I have continued the game and played some more missions while monitoring the markets but there is little to no fluctuation.  Does anyone have a clue whats causing this issue?  Was there some sort of patch? I have searched online but can't seem to find any info.  One thing I read is that Bawsaq is tied to the Social Club  so is the fact that I'm connected online keeping the returns from rising to what other people and the guides say they are getting?


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I think I only got 50% on that mission. Don't worry, save the rest until after the story and you can earn about 1.7 billion per character. The are loads of guides online, but you need one that tells you when to invest in Redwood as that one has a 300% ROI in it.