Battlerecorder please

Sorry if info all ready been spoke about, but does anyone no if this even been considered by the top brass? I have had some awesome heli kills from my tank would live to had seen them again, it's a major miss them not having this.

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Yes there is a version of an Battle-Recorder for BF3, however I'm sorry to say it's not available for public use. It's used by the Development Team to capture some of the scenes in the trailer's DICE make.

[quote user="Roland Smedberg of DICE (senior video director)"]

A Battlefield 3 fan asked Roland Smedberg of DICE (senior video director) about how the game's trailer are made. Smedberg responded with: "It's a mix of Frostbite editor, battlerecorder and straight up 1p capture." BF2 players will remember the powerful replay tool, titled the same. As BF3 was a sequel, many players hoped that BF3 would also get the powerful tool to look at replays, compile montages, and make movies. However, the tool never made it into the game and gamers have had to come up with some other creative methods for making videos.


Which is promising news that maybe at one point in the future, DICE will add a Battle-Recorder to BF3 or any future release titles. However nothing as let been officially announced.


Expect to pay $15 for it, if it is ever released.

Cheers for the heads up bud.