It says I unlocked one but how do I open it and see whats inside?


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The so boosts come in handy.  I was really disappointed the premium packs didn't have xp boosts.

The battlepacks do have weapon attachments sometimes. Just not all the time.

whats in em really tho-just some skin or boosts or whatnot-if they had perm. perks or weapons/armor or even attachments id care more than i do now, which is not at all

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they dont seem to have anything useful


Really?  I just opened one last night and got my Stimulus Package from GTA V!  (j/k)

they dont seem to have anything useful

You can also open them up from the start menu while in-game.

Maybe you dont have to be a certain level, maybe I realized I could open them at a certain level, LOL.

oh cool..never saw that. thx

Go to main screen click on battle packs and click on the ones you have unlocked

When you hit a certain level, you can open them. Its like a scope for a rifle and other things.