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Welcome to the Battlemasters, Inc. thread. Battlemasters, Incorporated is a clan designed to bring Mass Effect players together to have fun with Mass Effect 3. Obviously, we're a pretty new clan, and don't have too many members to speak of, which is why we're mass... recruiting (no pun intended). Basically, what we're trying to do here is put some competitive fun out there for people who want to join in.
Our games would go something like this: A group of us will hold multiple tournament games. We'd compete in different categories, such as kill score, longest survivor, MVP, and others. The winners of every game in said category would begin to face off, until a final game of the winners was left, and the winner of that game is crowned Battlemaster (gamertag). Of course, whoever made it to the tournament games would also get titles. Everyone who participates in the level 2 tournament and up is put as honourable mention, and the final game winner would be put into our Battlemaster Hall of Fame. Now, this will all evolve as the clan ages, but here's the layout of the titles you'd get per game.

Level 1 Participants: Pup (Gamertag)
Level 1 Winners: Advancer (Gamertag)
Level 2 Participants: Gunman (Gamertag)
Level 2 Winners: Infiltrator (Gamertag)
Level 3 Participants: Vanguard (Gamertag)
Level 3 Winners: Sentinel (Gamertag)
Level 4 Participants: Adept (Gamertag)
Level 4 Winners: Battler (Gamertag)
Level 5 Participants: Urdnot (Gamertag)
Level 5 Winners: Commander (Gamertag)
Level 6 Participants: Admiral (Gamertag)
Level 6 Winner: Battlemaster (Gamertag)

The games system would go something like this:

Level 1 Game(s) Begin, Winners Advance to Level 2 Game(s).
Level 2 Game(s) Begin, Winners Advance to Level 3 Game(s).
Level 3 Game(s) Begin, Winners Advance to Level 4 Game(s).
Level 4 Game(s) Begin, Winners Advance to Level 5 Game(s).
Level 5 Game(s) Begin, Winners Advance to Level 6 Game(s).
Level 6 Winner Crowned Battlemaster

In the case of a tie, those who tied would play a game with only those who tied. This is repeated until a winner is found. Those who tie are given Tiemaster in front of their name on the Wall of Fame as well. Those who tie 3 times or more are given God of Ties.

So, if you're interested in this at all, post here or send me a message! If we get some people involved, games could start tomorrow.


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Well going by your rep. Your not the most friendliest person around. Your rep is a big part of clan as it shows if you Respectful to other members and if your gobby. And 3 stars of rep is terrible for that reason i will not ever considering joining this clan.

I don't think you fully understand the rep stars Tyler. From what I've seen the stars show more of how much you play. I have friends who are 100% avoided players with Five star rep. I personally have five stars but I'm 68% avoided. Also the rep doesn't always mean your mean and disrespectful seeing that there is an option when you avoid some one that says "Player Skill" so he could simply be very good or not so good at the games he plays either way you shouldn't put him down on the forums. saying " Your not the most friendliest person around. " is not the very nice and hipocritical. If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.

Just wanted to say that so people would understand that.

****Please excuse my spelling and horrid grammar*****

Thanks for the defence, FYI Tyler, 3 people have given me reviews, one of them was a negative review, three were positive. So, I'm 75% nice in an "only 4 other people exist in the world" scenario.

I would like to join my GT is HM Emmanuel

well done .......

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