Battlelog Sign

I'm having Issues signing into the Battlelog feature.

I've had an origin account, and even a sign in thingy.


When i log in to see my stats.

I am given the error message to "Play Battlefield 3"


I have tried to add a XBL Gamertag Persona, and i have found no way to find it.

(Given that i follow the FAQ, by DICE help)


Um, any helpful hints or info i should know?


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Have to tried contacting EA support? I believe they can manually link your gamertag persona to your Origin account.

EA support does nothing with this issue. Trust me. I've had this problem since the day I got BF3 and there's a loooong thread on the support forums about log in issues with lots of people with the same problem. EA just doesn't care at all. You say Activision is bad? Try EA.

Sh-, plan B?