Battlelog on BF4 - how does it work??

Can anyone tell me why battlelog doesn't work with Xbox 360?

Even though I have a 'Origin account'  it only seems to work for PC but not Xbox..can't find 'My Soldier".

Says I have to download the game ...but I don't want to play on PC I have it already on Xbox.

As many Xbox gamers would have figured out that you can't customise your soldier's loadout from any menu with Xbox. So whats the story here??


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I also found that when I use the 'Forgot Password?' at Origin which sends instruction to the account email address, I didn't get that email. Not in spam folder, not in junk and not blocked ... Has anyone else encountered the same?

I use Battlelog just fine. Is your Origin account linked to your Gamertag?.. No idea why you are having problems and you can actually customize your loadout at the Test Range in the menus.

Don't know how to find out if Origin account to my gamertag. How do I find out? ...I can't even log into Origin says it's sending me instructions to reset password but when I check that email account (same one used for xbox live) there's nothing recieved. Any idea's?

I guess I can use the Test Range ..but using mobile phone in game would be better. :)

Actually I just checked out 'Test Range" didn't give me any options to customize my soldier... how did you do that mate??

I go into Test range everytime I get the gamesave corruptet as I have to redo all my wehicle settings.Quite annoying,but easy to do.What you have to do is join the test range,and press X.Thats it!This brings up the customising screen,and you are good to go