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When i try to log on to Battlelog, why do i get the message, Buy BF3 to get access to Battlelog, when i have the game and have been playing multiplayer?????


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I have a similar problem and heres what i know so far..


You need to have an EA account. That account needs to have the same email address as the one you have registered to your xbox account. You have to add a persona to your EA profile for the xbox account and when thats linked and you have the played game in your games list you can log in to the battlelog!


EA doesnt stand for Easy Access thats for sure!

i dont have the option to log in with my xbox live account im trying to find it and its no where in site



Step 1:

Go to




Step 2:

You'll need to create an EA account.

The best thing would be to type in your Xbox 360 Account email.


If you allready got an EA with games on and wish to connect to your Battlelog account,

- Then you can jump down to Step X




Step 3:

After typing in your Xbox 360 Account email in, click on the "Start my EA Profile".




Step 4:

Now fill out those forms to create your EA account. 

On the "Choose An Origin ID" you could choose your Xbox GameTag, but it doesn't matter but it might make it more easy for you to remember the name.


After filling out the forms click on the "Done" button.

- You might wanna check your email to comfirm your new created account.




Step 5:

Now go to - Then you will get trasfered to Origins download page.




Step 6:

After getting trasfered, click on the Download Origin button.

Look at the image to find where this button is located.




Step 7:

After downloading Origin and Installing it.

Click on the software and start it up.




Step 8:

Fill out the login forms and click on the login button




Step 9:

Now this "Setup Profile" thing will show up.

Fill them out as you wish and click on the Next button.




Step 10:

Do the same thing here, fill out those forms you wish and click on the next button.




Step 11:

When your done with this "Setup Profile" thing click on the "Find Friends" button.

- It will be located at the bottom too, where it looks like a "Profile Icon with a +".


Click on one of them it doesn't mather.




Step 12:

Now this window will show up, click on the "Connect" button next to the Xbox Live logo.




Step 13:

Now fill out those forms here with your Xbox 360 email account and password. 

And click on the "Sign in" button.




Step 14:

If it was a succes a window like this will popup if you got any Xbox 360 Friends using Origin too.

Click on the Send Freinds Request to be done.


If you don't got any friends using Origin the button might Say "Next" or "Done". (Or something like that)




Step 15:

After this the window will tell you this.

Now go to to login with a 360 Account.



I hope this works for every one.

Good luck.

@vibroluxor.........I don't care what anyone says about,  but your a big help around here. Thanks for the info...

Aw, shucks Big Daddie, t'wernt nuthin!

Awesome post Vibro. Don't have this problem but I'm sure that if I did it would be resolved now!!

u bet

Didn't read but either what Vibro said or you've been EA banned

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