Battleifeld 2143 hinted at.


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Another thread already posted the picture and such. I don't know how that's an actual hint. For all we know, it's just a convenient set of random numbers they chose. Also, could only be a tease and they aren't hinting at anything.

I have a feeling we could get this.I had someone the other day telling me they heard it will happen,Only time will tell i suppose.

I hope it does happen, honestly. Just don't really think numbers on the corner of a box as a legit hint. I would love a 2142/3 expansion. It'll only be amazing if it has Titan mode, though. Been missing that mode something fierce.

Never played,Lot of peeps telling me its good though

In my opinion, possibly the best game mode of the BF series other than the stapled conquest mode. Seriously, it was amazing with the multiple objectives and such in it once just one of titan's shields went down. You can youtube a tutorial of it too that explains the basics. It always got hectic in the tight corridors towards the consoles.