Battlefield,RUSE,ghost recon tactical clan

we the 26th MEU are currently recruiting and our goal is a minimum of 30 and no max we have a website for recruits to sign up and keep in touch with the other and although we play seriously and have a chain of command it's a great group of people.  we don't deny applying members but they do have to do a quick training to make sure their skills are sharp and even if they aren't we help you get to that level (for battlefield).  Our battlefield branch which we mostly focus on is a milsim unit "military simulation" we do our best to recreate military situation such as search and rescue, dealing with an ambush, or a good old spec op drop from altitude limit while falling in to a ocean and then taking the enemy base with knives (that was fun) although we wont be doing regular "ops" until there are purchasable servers which should be this month but believe me it's a lot of fun and worth checking even temporarily.  well if you've read all of that then thank you and please contact me at *** Email address is removed for privacy *** even if your on the edge or just have questions.  And if you know anybody that would be interested send them our way too.  have a nice day!


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