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I havent played BF3 forever and when i did play it again there was no teamwork going on what so ever. When i played all the time i was in a clan that actually used teamwork and whenever i was off playing by myself until my clan got on it seemed that the randoms actually worked together. Does anyone use teamwork anymore on this game and if so ill gladly play the game with you, granted i haven't played for awhile and am probably a little rusty.


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People use team work in console games? When did this happen? Most of my BF3 experiences have consisted of most of the team either running around with snipers or camping/fighting over the vehicle respawns.

They only way you can get any kind of coordination going on is if you party up with some friends.

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Teamwork is more then yelling at someone over a Mic with "instructions". It's about playing the objective. Be an example and lead your Squad. You never know, the next thing a bunch of randies might do is follow...

i dont yell at them i just tell them where enemies are and if i need help i ask for it