battlefield TV settings

So I got the game today. I installed the two discs and the HD texture pack. Had my TV settings very bright (LED TV) looks terrible. Changed them OMG very good!!!


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Some of my friends "dimmed" the screen also as they thought it was too bright.

did you use the pic on the ingame calibration screen to set it up? does it work? If you set it up with the pic is it too dark/bright?

it doesnt work ...  it says change it until its not visible ... On my TV its never visible LOL I think its a glitch.. Ive an big LED tv and I dont usually mess around with the settings but I am now and it changes the depth and graphics of the game...although multiplayer is dark as hell!! keep tryin though

u pretty much always should change your tv's default settings. each one of my devices connected to my led has its own custom video settings. with that said. the way i have mine setup for the 360 u can just barely start to see the image in the games brightness setting with it all the way up.

ive never bothered ..  you watch tv , you play the odd game of cod or bc2 and it doesnt need it . But this game is tailored (graphically)  you have to mess around to get the best performance. the sound though is a WOW... i use them turtle beach x41s ... amazing

I dont play off a tv i have a 24" 1080 samsung monitor i dont really like messing with the setttings i have on that i prefer to try and do it ingame , BC2 with its brightness and contrast settings and the white/black setup screen was brilliant , shame BF3 doesnt have the same , getting the game today (UK) its been a long wait

See, I got a 50' Plasma, Samsung 3D TV, and I can make it look really good, problem is, it's too realistic, and it's hard to see people..meanwhile they have crappy TVs and turn their brightness up and can see everything like AHNOLD

I'm playing on a projection screen. It's pretty good where it is now at max setting. I just get the feeling that this game was meant to be played on a computer with high end graphics and a 4 core processor. I've never seen a game like this on the 360 where it lets you pick the server you go into, kinda cool I guess.