Battlefield series needs some continuity.

Battlefield 1942: Russians=Good

Battlefield Vietnam: Russians=Bad

Battlefield 2142: Russians=Good

Battlefield 2: Russians= Good

Battlefield Bad Company: Russians=Bad

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Russians=Bad

Battlefield 3: Russians=Both good and bad. 

Been three different wars so far in the fictional Battlefield series, and Russia keeps on switching sides, and same can be assumed for China.

And PLR is just the poor man's MEC.


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In BF2 and BF2142, the Russians weren't in the game unless you count the Spetznaz in BF2:Special Forces.

BF2142 has Russians, but they only play a minor role when you lead the back stories.

And Russians were in Battlefield 2 in the pack, so why even try to argue with me about it?